The Manifestation Code + Money Mastery Blueprint

The Course to Help Change Your Relationship and Thoughts Around Money!

Course Summary

This course blends science + metaphysics + law of attraction + mindset + spirituality to change the way you interact with money. 
This course is for those who want to experience more ease and flow around money. 
If money is or has been a struggle, this course will shine light on how to help change your overall experience with money.

Course Curriculum


Does money talk send you into stress mode?

Throughout most of my adult life, money was a topic I loved to avoid.

Anything revolving money sent me into a frenzy.

Here’s a glimpse into what I was experiencing:

Feast-to-famine, stress, anxiety, mind drama, lack, fear, feeling like I was drowning, old family beliefs, and childhood experiences that didn’t give me a good energy around money.

For years I’ve wished it could be different.

Should I work longer hours? Work harder? Get a different career?

How is it that people get ahead? How are people living in such abundance and yet {I} can’t figure it out.

Last year, I invested almost $8,000 into coaching and programs to learn everything. I so desperately wanted to understand. I prayed that my ego wouldn’t keep me from truly learning what I was missing.

When I applied all of the information I learned, I finally started getting the results I wanted.

And if you don’t have a business — not to fret. My clients who would call themselves “average joes” or “just your typical mom” have created 10k months, manifested thousands of dollars, and absolutely LOVE the teachings in this course.

In alignment = results.
Out of alignment = struggle.

In this program I am teaching you everything I’ve learned. I am blending the knowledge you need to understand about energy with powerful teachings around money.

By the end of this program, you’ll understand why you’re stuck. Why your money stories feel very hard to change right now. How energy, mindset, and money collide to either give you everything you’re wanting, or keep you from it.

So, heres the deal. If you heard any of the following things below and you find yourself believing it, this may be what you need...

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
”Does it look like I’m made of money?”
”Rich people are snobs.”
”We could never afford that.”
”I hope we win the lottery one day.”
“If I had more money I would _____.”
”Maybe one day, we don’t have money for that.”
“Better save all your money.”
”Do you want it, or do you need it?”
“Debt is bad.”

^^ Been there, done that.

I’m ready to show you a better way.

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